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Heading to a new Era experience memorable every trip "The Last Moment of Boeing 747-400 and Welcome to The Airbus 330-900NEO"

Jul 5, 2019, 12:58 PM by Lion Corporate

JAKARTA – March 24, 2019. Lion Air (JT Flight code) member of  Lion Air Group today marks a part of a 19-year-old historical milestone in the operation of aviation by entering the end of operation of the Boeing 747-400 aircraft registration PK-LHG.

This wide body aircraft is the only fleet owned by Lion Air with two-cabin (double deck) configurations. Since operating 23 April 2009 by Lion Air, Boeing 747-400 provides a 12-seater business class and 492 economy class experience.
Boeing 747-400 has demonstrated reliability by combining several advantages, such as aerodynamics, technology and structural that make more efficient, able to fly remotely (long range non-stop) high speed, and able to Carry more (payload) passenger and cargo levels.
Lion Air is proud to operate a nicknamed aircraft  "Queen of the Skies " Within 10 years to serve domestic commercial flights such as Soekarno-Hatta Tangerang, Medan Kualanamu, Batam, Surabaya, Denpasar and Makassar, and international destinations to Jeddah and Madinah.
The Boeing 747-400 was instrumental in the journey of Lion Air as it positive contributed. Therefore, Lion Air gives an appreciation of highest for the expiration of the Boeing 747-400 working period through a special event that has the theme of the last moment and ready to welcome the new aircraft "Last Moment Boeing 747-400 & Welcoming Airbus 330-900NEO".
This best moment also confirms that Lion Air is promoting the "revitalization or rejuvenation of the Fleet" program. This strategy responds to market dynamics, demand for traveling trends and always offers an impressive comfort and experience on every air journey by operating a new generation of aircraft.
The Airbus 330-900NEO will be sent gradually on schedule and is planned to arrive in Indonesia on May 2019. This year, Lion Air will receive two aircraft.
On 2018 Lion Air has ordered ten (10) units of Airbus 330-900NEO and has the option of acquiring four similar aircraft. The tenth aircraft was scheduled for delivery to Lion Air Group in 2019 and 2020.
Lion Air has prepared with optimum operation of Airbus 330-900NEO, such as human resources (pilots, cabin crew, technicians), ground handling services, training centers and others.
Lion Air is enthuse to add the Airbus 330NEO to the fleet lineup in line with the business development of long-haul flights at an efficient cost. The aircraft is known for offering more fuel-efficient and longer flight reach.
Lion Air can serve a wide range of market sectors to flights that take up to 15 hours, and can serve most of the flight routes of double aisle layout concept with the flexibility of passenger seat arrangement to 440. Airbus 330NEO adds the main features of the airspace cabin, the new design of the cabin baggage compartment (overhead bin) easier to manage and store a lot of goods in the cabin.
The presence of Airbus 330NEO to expand the network or route of Lion Air, strengthen the fleet and equip the already operated wide body of Lion Air which is three Airbus A330-300 (440 economy Class).
Operation of Airbus 330NEO will provide added value to the customer with the presence of direct flying, non-stop Umrah flights from Makassar to Madinah, Balikpapan to Jeddah, Surabaya to Madinah, Solo to Jeddah. Lion Air prepares flights to South Asia, one of them in India. 

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