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Lion Air Group Appointing 75 Aircraft Crew to Prepare Flights Safely and More Enjoyable #MelayaniSepenuhHati

Jul 5, 2019, 16:46 PM by Lion Corporate



Supporting information: President Director of Lion Air Group, Edward Sirait accompanied by the CEO of Batik Air, Capt. Achmad Luthfie.

TANGERANG – 19 May 2019. Lion Air (JT Flight code), Wings Air (IW Flight code), Batik Air (Flight ID) member of Lion Air Group has appointed 75 aircraft crew (Air crew) in the framework of promotion as a new job. This moment brings the theme #MelayaniSepenuhHati. The appointment consisted of 30 pilots (initial captain), 30 co-pilot (first officer) and 15 senior flight attendant. Now the total strengthened more than 5,600 air crew Lion Air Group in Indonesia.

Appointment led by the President Director of Lion Air Group, Edward Sirait and the management of each of the airlines marked the identification of the crew (wings) and the replacement of the Pairmark (bar) on the pilot. The procession is held in the office complex of Lion City, Balaraja, Tangerang, Banten.

Lion Air Group expressed appreciation and congratulate the achievement of pilots, copilot and cabin crew after undergoing a variety of trainings, tests and periodicals, so that today successfully occupy new functions and responsibilities to realize #MelayaniSepenuhHati.

The aircraft crew must retain the license and apply a professional performance system. This is its own characteristic profession, with the will and the ability to work to serve the tourist and businessmen (travelers) on each flight as a form of service improvement. Every operation of Lion Air Group has implemented safety culture and still prioritize aspects of safety (safety first).

In the HR (human resource) development strategy, Lion Air Group has a firm view that its capabilities, intelligence, skills, talents and potential must always be done (recurrent), coaching and regeneration. The main objective is to be able to master the material in the field become increasingly wider, in depth, advanced, sophisticated and can make decisions according to the standard operational procedure (SOP) apply.

In addition to the skilled operation of the aircraft, air crew demanded to collaborate and cooperate well. Essentially, the main purpose of the operation is #MelayaniSepenuhHati, is formed by air traffic regulator, technician, ground handling and other related because of good cooperation.

Lion Air Group conducts coordination, communication and cooperation with regulators, airport managers and from various parties to initiate the preparation of services until the flight process is completed. Hashtag #MelayaniSepenuhHati  is expected to provide more value to travelers in facilitating the travel as needed in the millenials area (millennials traveling).

Lion Air Group stated, all the aircraft crew must be disciplined to comply with the company rules, Peraturan Keselamatan Penerbangan Sipil (PKPS) or Civil Aviation Safety Regulation Republic of Indonesia (CASR RI). This ensures the safety of the flight to the passengers, on duty crew and other parties.

Lion Air Group arranges air crew based on flying hours as per the maximum specified limit and an active type rating.  The flying hour refers to the designated International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

To establish a commitment with the air crew  for #MelayaniSepenuhHati, Lion Air Group make a various innovations and transformations, one of them is bringing a new aircraft (aircraft rejuvenation). Lion Air Group is provided with modern technology and features that offer the comfort of every travelers.

Batik Air relies on 43 Airbus 320-200CEO (12 business class and 144 economy class), six Boeing 737-900ER (12 business class and 168 economy class) and eight Boeing 737-800NG (12 business class and 150 economy class).

Lion Air Group optimizes the aircraft through the movement of adjustable aircraft rotation at route distances, airport infrastructure, passenger capacity (load factors) and others. Lion Air implements a structured and continuous method between aircraft maintenance, operational team and quick action to determine the new rotation when there are obstacles occurring in place (irregularities) to reduce the impact of flight delays.

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