Our Facilities

With the expansion of the Lion Air's fleet size, safety on all aspects of aircraft operations and maintenance, remains a top priority. To support the expanded fleet, Lion Air has set up a four acres facility dedicated to safety in operations and maintenance, and to support the expansion of the current hangar facility in Bandung.

Known as the Lion Facility Village, it is located near the airport and provides training facilities such as the Boeing 737-900ER simulator. Within the compound, there is a shop facility where wheels, brakes, cabin interior, avionic can be found. As a one-stop shop, the warehouse stores spare parts, tires and engines. Also provided in the Lion Facility Village are dormitory accommodation for stewardess and airport staff.

Safety programmes such as ALAR, CRM, SMS, FOQA, and FLOE have been fully implemented and ACARS equipment will be installed on our Boeing 737-900ER fleet. In addition, the implementation of computerised system of TRAX (Maintenance) and GENEVA (Operations) have increased the safety awareness among the employees.

In tandem with the fleet expansion, Lion Air is also taking steps to train the best pilots and upgrade their skills to handle newer and more sophisticated aircraft. Hence, we are establishing the Lion Air Flying School which will produce Abinnitio Pilots. We are also looking at potential candidates from surplus pilots of other airlines if they meet the minimum requirements of Lion Air.