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Lion Care goes to Mount Sinabung

Jul 6, 2015, 08:13 AM by Christian Newski

Lion Care which is a Lion Group CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) program held another social activity on 25th October. This time Lion Care is donating basic needs to a village near Mount Sinabung, North Sumatra. 

Mount Sinabung first erupted on September 2013 and there are still thousands evacuating their homes. 

The social activity is held in the Mardingding Village, North Sumatra. Mardingding village is located at a point 2.8 kilometers from the peak of Mount Sinabung and there are no relocation program for the villagers since the lava path is quite far from the village. Unlike Bekereh Village, Simacem Village and Sukameriah Village that got relocation program because the village is a glide path of hot clouds and lava of Mount Sinabung. But the volcanic ash in the Mardingding Village is quite severe because the location was close to the peak of Mount Sinabung. 

Lion Care donation was given by the Chairman of Lion Care, Captain Edward Limbong and accepted by the Secretary of the Mardingding Village Minarti Sembiring. 

"Hopefully the donations that we bring today may ease the villager’s burden and we continue to pray that this disaster is soon to be over so that the villagers of Mardingding and other Villages affected by the eruption of Mount Sinabung could have their normal life back again", said Captain Edward Limbong.

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