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Lion Air Wins Most Popular Digital Brand Award in 2017

Apr 5, 2017, 15:40 PM by Lion Corporate
Jakarta, March 30, 2017 - Infobank magazine in collaboration with Isentia organizing conferment "Infobank 6th Digital Brand of the Year 2017" at Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta, on Thursday, March 30, 2017. The award is given to the brand and products of institution finance services, as well as state-owned enterprises (SOEs) and the airlines of the most popular in the world of the internet, especially on social media channels 

In the "Infobank 6th Digital Brand of the Year 2017", in broad outline, there were 15 groupings of brands and products, ie conventional commercial Bank, Bank Sharia, Bank Loan (BPR), Bank financing of the people of sharia, business unit sharia commercial banks, life insurance company, life insurance company sharia, general insurance company, insurance company sharia, finance companies, securities companies, electronic money (e-money) bank and nonbank, mutual funds, state-owned companies, and airlines.

Lion Air on this occasion managed to get the award for Most Popular Digital Brand in the category of airlines at this year along with Garuda Indonesia and AirAsia Indonesia.

In the midst of increasingly fierce business competition, while on the other side internet penetration in society get deepens, it becomes a challenge for corporations to be able to build a brand image or a positive brand image in the online realm. According to Eko B. Supriyanto, Infobank magazine's editor, "Infobank 6th Digital Brand of the Year 2017" was held with the aim, among other things, to encourage corporations, especially financial services institutions, as well as flights to improve its image in the community through the internet. "An Internet point make people or consumers with financial services institutions getting closer," he concluded