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Lion Air Group Wins ASEAN Marketing Award

Oct 17, 2017, 11:38 AM by Lion Corporate
Jakarta, September 11, 2017 - Lion Air Group is awarded as the Asean airlines with the best marketing strategy, assessment is given by Markplus in the Indonesian Session of the 3rd Asean Marketing Summit 2017, at Raffles Hotel Kuningan, South Jakarta. The award was given directly by co-founder of Asian Marketing Federation Hermawan Kartajaya to Lion Air Group Managing Director, Captain Daniel Putut.

Lion Air Group was crowned since July 2017, as it is considered to have the best of ASEAN's marketing strategy in the air transportation sector. Evidenced by the rapid growth of business that continues to increase, with frequency reaching 1500 flights per day.

"We are proud of this appreciation, that the national aviation sector is quite qualified in the eyes of Asean countries," said Daniel Putut.

Lion Air Group has three airlines operating in Indonesia. The three airlines are Lion Air, Batik Air, and Wings Air.

Daniel says Markplus, in collaboration with Phillip Kotler Center, audits Lion Air Group's successful marketing for a year. This is the first year Lion Air Group awarded after three years of this event was held. Previously Asean Marketing Summit was held in Thailand and Myanmar.

"This is the first held in Indonesia, we helped to improve the economic sector of Indonesia," he said.

Lion Air Group's marketing strategy for its entire airline flights has been done since 17 years ago ranging from big cities to remote areas. Opening one by one to the required route of people, connecting between regions and big cities, became the power of Lion Air Group attracting potential market share.

Our target is Indonesia, which is an archipelagic country that is now marketing the opening of an autopilot flight route, as many of the flight routes are opened each week.

Opening the flight route is supported by the arrival of dozens of aircraft orders by Lion Air Group up to 2027 as many as 789 units of Airbus, Boeing and ATR. To date, three airlines of Lion Air Group have operated up to 215 aircraft, and dozens of aircraft by Malaysian subsidiary Malindo Air and Thai Lion Air in Thailand.

Lion Air Group is working with local and central government to continue developing the national aviation sector. Moreover, the Ministry of Transportation is intensively revitalizing and build new airports in various parts of Indonesia.

"Not a few we fly the plane to the pioneer area, whose airport is still in runned by the local government," he said.

Lion Air Group helps local governments improve the local economy, thanks to the air transportation access that accommodates business and mobility needs. Gradually, the tourism sector is also growing and the national economy is increasing.

"The Wings Air network for example has penetrated nearly 100 cities and districts in Indonesia, this is a public need, and evidence of national aviation industry is growing well," he said.

Lion Air Group will continue to open new aviation routes to various regions in Indonesia. The main focus being targeted is the area of Papua that is still difficult to access by land or train. Air transportation is the only tool for the Papuan community to engage in activities.

"We will maximize the flight there," he said.

Lion Air Group's achievements continue to be viewed positively by the world. One of them is the European Commission (European Commission - executive body of the European Union / EU) has removed the blocked of Lion Air and Batik Air flights. The revocation is recognition of the progress of the national aviation industry.

Airlines incorporated in Lion Air Group have also received the IATA Standard Safety Assessment (ISSA) and passed the IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) audit which ensures aviation safety standards.

ISSA is an IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) program which is a global scale audit. Audit scope, including organization and management system, flight operation, flight departure, aircraft maintenance and aircraft engines, cabin work, ground handling, cargo workmanship, and operational safety.

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